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Introducing our new Pick'n'Mix Membership - Services


We unlock the potential for business and organisations through enabling business & professional women to succeed. We provide clarity, focus & solutions through our services of mentoring, education, marketing & connections. We operate locally with connected communities and internationally connecting 160,000.

Step into your future

Now you can build your membership however you want with the services that you need.

Simply start with the Essential Profile at A$39 and then add whatever you need.

Essential Profile $29

Services designed to Promote you and your Business

Directory Showcase


Blog Ability


Scale Your Message with Video


Scale your Message with our Podcast


Grab your Bonus Event Tickets  

when you buy the
Essential Profile + one service

** $41 **

Services to Overcome your Problems

Barrier Breakthrough Session


Professional Advisor Service


Business Building Program


Services to Empower your Career

Empowering Membership


Career Advice Session


Barrier Breakthrough Session


The Solution for Bigger Businesses

For businesses with multiple team members either in one location or in multiple locations. This service gives you access to up to five members with the Essential Profile and 10 Signature event tickets to utilize across the year.

Showcase your business, services, locations and team on our Directory.

Business Membership


Learn what our members think

X Essential Profile
Let’s get started with our basic membership profile enabling people to find you on our website & app.Gain ongoing “membership” discounts ( around 20%) on...
X Blog Ability
Are you the best-kept secret? Content is King & distribution is Queen, so we want you to have both with our “Blog Ability” service. We...
X Directory Showcase
This is your chance to tell us more about your business, who you help, your goods & services. Like any good directory service, it includes...
X Professional Advisor Service
We all have our super-powers but running a business takes knowledge across many different facets. You often don’t even know what you need to ask...
X Bonus Event Tickets
When you purchase more than the Essential Profile you are entitled to access these bonus tickets. They are event tickets valued at $49 and as...
X Scale Your Message with Video
Video is the most effective tool for cutting through social media. It allows your potential clients to get a sense of who you are and...
X Scale Your Message with our Podcast
Your chance to be in “people’s heads”. Podcasting is now more popular than the radio with people devouring stories & online interviews. This is another...
X Barrier Breakthrough Session
For those feeling stuck in business or their career, that they are out of options and have no idea what to do next. This is...
X Business Membership
For businesses with multiple team members either in one location or in multiple locations. This service gives you access to up to five members with...
X Career Advice
Providing a specialized service to enable you to explore what it is that you do well. Learn how your skills & experience can be adapted...
X Empowering your Career
This is a specialized service for those working for others who want to progress and need help to do so. It is challenging moving into...
X Business Building Program
  Do you dream of being able to say that you don't need to spend any money on marketing because you are flat out with...